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In 1991, BASF ammonia plant No.3 in Ludwigshafen, Germany had emergency shutdown from WHB boiler failure. Sudden loss of water level in boiler from a ruptured tube. Several leaks and erosion noticed on boiler tubes. NH3 plant capacity increased with

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3 (cont) Agrium, Kenai Nitrogen Operations Plant (cont) 0212200021 (cont) 61 F-711 Degasifier Vent Exclude, NH3 and VOC 4 Alyeska, Valdez Marine Terminal 0226100019 1 52-SG-1A Combustion Engineering Power Boiler INCLUDE 2 52-SG-1B

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Kenai Nitrogen Operations PHA Revalidation - Final Report Kenai Plant 3/6 Boiler Feed Water & Utility Steam Systems: 7,8,9,42,52,56,57,58 February 7, 2002 Page 3 1.0 ABOUT THIS STUDY The Process Hazards Analysis, K00S0052 conducted between

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Ratio Control and Metered-Air Combustion Processes. Ratio, Override and Cross-Limiting Control controlguru. By Allen Houtz 1 and Doug Cooper. A ratio control strategy can play a fundamental role in the safe and profitable operation of fired heaters, boilers, furnaces and similar fuel burning processes. This is because the air-to-fuel ratio in

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Ganapathy, V. Sat . "Size or check waste heat boilers quickly". United States. abstractNote = {Fire tube boilers are widely used to recover energy from waste gas streams commonly found in chemical plants, refineries and power plants. Typical examples are exhaust gases from gas turbines and diesel engines, and effluents from sulfuric acid

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3 Agrium, Kenai Nitrogen Operations Plant 0212200021 20 H-260 PC Stripper Steam KO Drum BART Eligible Emission Units 3 of 14 9M Boiler Boiler #511 6 (cont) ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc., Kenai LNG Plant (cont) 0212200006 (cont) 11 Caterpillar G:AQ